Do you usually set your Mac to remember and auto-fill passwords? Well, while doing that can be quite handy, sometimes, having your passwords auto-completed has drawbacks, especially when you actually need to remember and type them manually. Luckily, it is possible to view saved passwords on Mac. With password managers for Mac like Keychain, you can remember your app, website, account, or WiFi passwords. Find Passwords Using Keychain Keychain is a built-in password manager, which stores different types of Mac passwords. Here’s how to find passwords on a Mac using Keychain: Navigate to Keychain Access by pressing Command + Space keys and then typing Keychain in Spotlight’s search bar. Check the sidebar on your left and go to Category. Click on Passwords. Scroll up and down to look for the password you need. If you have changed a password many times before, there will be a few dates associated with […]

Using a VPN or virtual private network allows you to browse the Internet in a secure way, as well as speed up your Internet connection when doing data-heavy tasks. However, some performance issues can be expected, especially when you’re using a free VPN service. Imagine, your VPN service provider is routing your Internet connection through a remote server probably halfway around the world, while encrypting your information along the way. If you think about it, that’s a lot of work. So don’t be surprised if you experience some slow down. Plus, there are also additional problems depending on your VPN service provider. For example, if you’re using a cheap VPN company that has a large number of users, your servers might be overloaded resulting to slow Internet speed. You don’t have to live with these issues forever though, because there are several ways to make VPN faster. We’ll show you […]

It’s hard to go without Internet these days when the demand to be always connected is continually increasing. It has become a necessity for us always to check our emails, post updates on social media, connect with other people and catch up with work. Fortunately, you can find free Wi-Fi almost anywhere—in schools, cafes, libraries, parks, train stations, airports, etc. Public Wi-Fi networks have made it easier for us to connect to the Internet outside our home. Plus, who doesn’t want free Wi-Fi? Cellular data can be expensive. A gigabyte of cellular data can cost you $30 (AT&T), while the average data cost is $45 a month for around 4GB of LTE data. If your cellular plan doesn’t come with a massive data allowance, then free Wi-Fi is a great boon. However, connecting to public free Wi-Fi comes with security and privacy risks. If you’re connecting to a public hotspot […]

In a previous post, we’ve discussed system files on macOS and how to retrieve them should they be deleted unintentionally. Today, we’ll take a look at Windows system files–what they are, where they are, and what you should do and not do with them. What Are Windows System Files? A Windows system file is a file that has the hidden system attribute turned on. Basically, system files are the files that make Windows operate properly. A system file can be anything from a hardware driver to hive files that compose the Windows Registry. Just like on a Mac, the system files on Windows are best left alone. Should any of them need to be changed for some reason, the change is automatically done during a system or program update. Moving, renaming, modifying, and deleting these files could cause improper functioning or worse, complete system failure. Often times, though, these files […]

In most cases, you need not change the default language of your Windows 10 computer. However, there are also situations when you really have to. Maybe a friend or a relative from another country wants to borrow your computer, or perhaps you bought a second-hand computer that uses a language you don’t understand. Actually, you don’t have to reinstall Windows 10 just to change the system language. If you ever find yourself caught in any similar situation, you merely have to make minor changes in your Settings to be able to change the default system language of Windows 10. We will walk you through the steps below: Disable Language Syncing Before you proceed with changing your default system language, you have to know that if your computer is in sync with your Microsoft account, the language settings will be the same across your devices. What we are trying to tell […]

It is true that a Windows 10 desktop comes with lots of excellent features and that includes Windows Task View. And just recently, Windows 10 users are greeted with an improved Windows 10 Task View experience, which already enables them to work efficiently while having multiple apps opened. With the new Task View, you can quickly navigate between open applications and work on projects on separate desktops, keeping you focused on a specific task. Additionally, it features Timeline, which acts like a time machine that allows you to work on previous tasks. All these new features of the Windows 10 Task View may seem overwhelming to new users, but we’ll walk you through the whole process of using it. This way, we can help enhance your multitasking experience while working on multiple projects and apps. Getting Started Task View was initially created to make switching between apps and programs more […]

Are you planning to install Windows 10 on your computer? If so, then you have to know that part of the process involves the creation of a USB media, which you will use to boot your computer into the setup wizard. However, unlike the traditional process, which consists of the use of the legacy Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) firmware, you’ll most likely be using the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). This is especially true when dealing with a relatively new computer. So, before you proceed with the creation of a bootable media, you have to ensure it can support the firmware that you are using. On a positive note, when dealing with a computer that supports UEFI firmware, you have two major options in creating a USB bootable media. Your first option is to use the Media Creation Tool, which is a utility made by Microsoft for copying installation files […]

Not everyone may notice it or know exactly what is happening, but each one of us has possibly experienced browser hijacking. A telltale sign that a website is hijacking and trying to control your browser, particularly Safari, is when the usual behavior and functions are suddenly blocked or disabled. Examples of browser hijacking include being unable to paste a password when trying to log into your online banking account, the contextual menu (the menu when you right-click) may also be replaced by the website’s own menu, and websites disallow selecting and copying texts from their web pages. Those sound familiar but you probably didn’t know those were considered hijacking until now. Hijacking is a strong word, but it’s technically what these websites are doing. But before you get mad at them, know that there typically are very valid reasons why they impose their own rules on your browser. It could […]

Some Safari plug-ins typically get blocked after a security update, particularly when Apple deems plug-ins as potentially risky until the developer provides an app upgrade. Truth be told, Apple prevents plug-ins for your protection. However, it can be annoying to have a trusted and essential plug-in get blocked while you work and browse the Internet. In this article, we’ll show you how to unblock plugins on and also give you tips on how to unblock flash websites on Mac. So, read on! How to Enable Plug-ins in Safari If your plug-ins have been disabled in Safari, here’s how you can re-enable them: Go to Safari > Preferences. Click Security. Check the box beside Allow Plug-ins. Doing this will enable all plug-ins. If there are plug-ins that you no longer use, this can also be your chance to manage your plug-ins and just enable specific ones. Go to Safari > Preferences. Click […]

Last July, Apple introduced its updated MacBook Pro lineup. With Intel’s 8th-generation processors and True Tone display among other upgrades, these new units without a doubt, made patrons excited to avail themselves of a Mac upgrade. If you’re now decided to ditch your old Mac for one of the new ones, we suggest you hold on and don’t dive in just yet. There are some preparation measures you need to take, mainly if you want to make the switch as seamless as possible. Furthermore, if you’re going to pass on your old Mac to a new user, you’d also want to erase all traces of your data on it. So, without further ado, let’s see how you can best prepare for the upgrade. Step 1. Back up your Mac. It is especially important if you are entrusting your old Mac to a new owner and if you want to transfer […]